In “the world’s most average city”, a strange anomaly in causality links numerous events throughout the city to seemingly random statistical trends. This bizarre (and potentially predictable) processing of fate propels the activity of cults, monsters, and hidden worlds linked to the city. This esoteric mystery is the obsession and bewilderment of the local Mysterium, who seek to monitor all relevant data (even that which is unknown, unreported, or covered up), discover the causal links driving the city, and understand the origin of this anomaly.

For those caught in the middle of this quirk in fate, the City of Festivals offers far more mysteries and dangers: from the rich and segregated cultural traditions, the declining industries of manufacturing and brewing beer, the rising prominence of the health care industry, the tempestuous storms of Lake Michigan, and the network of shipping routes that foster a strong black market… the city offers many corners where the shadows grow deep, and the strange mingles with the mundane.

Lead Gate Chronicle

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