Lead Gate Chronicle

Swan Song
How to Make Friends in Milwaukee

A body appears in the morgue with disturbing signs of ritualistic killing. Suspecting a supernatural murderer, Dr. Wheelock calls in the available mages she knows to help track and stop this killer. Graeme identifies the victim as a street musician / busker in his circle of acquaintances – the latest of several to go missing this month. Meanwhile, John Wick is offered a job to find the missing nephew of a local crime boss – a kid whose also been “slumming it” to play music.

Through divination and calling up the victim’s ghost, the group is able to find the crime scene and get glimpses of what occurred: a grotesque, almost human figure eating people alive… while they played music! Perhaps even worse, they find scrawled notes at the scene which match something Aiden discovered at the Lorehouse: an essay which compares describing the human soul to describing music to a deaf person . . .

Thinking they were dealing with a spirit-claimed, the budding cabal recruits Tavi, whose network of vermin and feral cats lead them to a monster in the storm drain system. Tavi and Wick leap in to save its latest victim from his gruesome fate. Though they learned too late that the creature had nothing to do with spirits, they were able to vanquish it.

Experience earned (3 sessions)
5 Experience, 2 Beats, 1 Arcane Experience, 4 Arcane Beats

Research Faire
or "How to win a Body-Building competition"

After settling the latest disputes and research concerns in the spring Assembly, the local Free Council held a Consillium-wide research faire at their Lorehouse to show off the latest theories and projects, and hopefully catch the interest of talented mages who might assist.

The main event of the night was the “Igor Contest” – an announced challenge between Dr. Wheelock and Dr. Grace Franconi on who could best modify an athlete for superhuman agility: common uses of Life Magic, or surgically implanting werewolf tissue. In a narrow victory, Wheelock’s ‘enhanced’ marine demonstrated that with determination, experimental science, and literally themselves apart, ordinary humans can one up a mage.

Graeme gave a spur-of-the-moment ‘presentation’ to the crowd about how to use music to carry Mind-magic – and urge the audience to tip him generously – in a brief, but charismatic exposition.

Meanwhile, in the library, John Wick, a mage new to the Consillium, was seeking tomes of lore to contact gods of death – and was given brief, perplexed, concerned guidance from Aiden, with whom he crossed paths.

Other exhibits included:

A small art gallery by Soul Painter, showing the same subject through the Mage Sight of each Path, as insight into the differences of perspective between mages, and into the multi-faceted symbolism of a person’s identity.

A dissertation posted by Beauty on the spiritual ecology of “the Domes” at the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory and the Wehr Nature Center.

Several maps of the city’s ley lines and nodes as surveyed by Davin Crane.

And the treatment notes of Dr. Tauri – a psychologist that studies goetic summoning as a way to “remove the damaged parts of the soul”.

1 Experience, 1 Beat, & 2 Arcane Beats earned


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