Free Council

The Libertines have always had a notable presence in Milwaukee, attracted to the large population of immigrants that the city has always hosted, and the strong, diverse cultural traditions that resulted from that.

As the first and largest Order in the city, they established an Assembly to organize the local mages, and have maintained a majority to this day. This did require some heavy recruiting in the 1960s, when the Mysterium started an Athenaeum to study the local statistical mystery.

The Assembly operated under the facade of a private “lodge” or “brotherhood” organization – ostensibly a minimal impact community group. This gives a degree of legitimacy to their meetings, and a money laundering front with which to pay mages for magical services.

3 regular Assemblies are held annually – in February, June, and November – although members with some prestige (status 3+) can call for ‘emergency meetings’ to discuss more immediate matters.


Davin Crane – militia
Father Paul – expert on ephemeral beings
Sophie Wood – artist who studies souls; rents out a demesne for journeys to the Astral
Dr. Grace Franconi – experiments with chimeras
Crystal Waver – symbolism expert; sells complex divinations
Dr. Wheelock – xenomorphology, parapsychology, and experimental surgery


The local Lorehouse is attached to the research laboratories of Marquette University.

Free Council

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