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Great Mystery: " the Law of Averages "

A strange and subtle magic has interwoven into the laws of causality throughout the city, linking events with seemingly random statistical trends. Some residents of the city learn how to “play the numbers”, letting them get away with far more and far more obvious actions than they could elsewhere; similarly, the city wreaks havoc on attempts to scry or divine.

Threat: “Newbie Meat Grinder”

Whether talking about laborers, entrepreneurs, gangsters, supernaturals, or tourists, Milwaukee provides a volatile and unforgiving climate. People move into the city from anywhere and are put through brutal competition and unexpected danger, leading to some of the highest disappearances, job losses, foreclosures, and emigration in the region.

The Status Quo

In 2008, Milwaukee is at the nadir of the recession: the housing market has collapsed, investments have plummeted, and the “rust belt era” declines in industry are still felt throughout the region. Milwaukee seems to take on the qualities of both Chicago (as a multicultural crossroads) and Detroit (as a post-industrial collapsing city).
It houses a huge immigrant community and proudly celebrates its cultural diversity. It’s called the City of Festivals, in reference to its numerous cultural festivals, sporting events, concerts, and entertainment venues. It draws in large numbers of tourists throughout the year. The city is perhaps most renowned for its beer brewing industry, and has taken to the microbrewery boom intensely, even as the old giants go out of business or relocate.


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