The Mysterium were the first to notice the statistical anomalies of Milwaukee’s Great Mystery – an accidental find in their research of nationwide trends. When they did, a small research team set up an Athenaeum in the city to study it. As a rather esoteric and abstract Mystery, they have almost no competition (or assistance) in their research.

Due to this outpost, the Mysterium is the second largest faction in the local Assembly – but they rather resent the system, nonetheless. They prefer to handle all of their matters “in-house”, and absolutely hate a city-wide vote by laymen limiting their research. As such, they try to be as secretive as possible, and to handle any disagreements by reaching consensus privately.
When something is dragged to Assembly, their policy is to vote strictly as a unified bloc, to prevent democracy from stymieing their projects. Although it is officially a right of every member to vote their conscience, doing so unexpectedly is often punished with ostracism.


Thaddeus Ashecliffe – Hierophant. Lead researcher of the statistical mystery.
Beauty – studies magical ecology


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