Seers of the Throne

The local Seers are part of the much larger Tetrarchy of the Great Lakes, which spreads across all the metropolitan centers of the region. In tandem with the Vampire Princedoms, the Seers cultivated the Rust Belt decline, the bankruptcy of Detroit, and a long history of organized crime and corrupt politics.

Tending this region has been a central project of the Ministry of Mammon over the last century.

Within the Tetrarchy, Milwaukee is not one of the major sites, but but is significant. They are entrenched in the financial districts of East Milwaukee – where they maintain a close alliance with the local vampires. Though primarily Seers of Mammon, several other Ministries are present in lesser numbers.

The Seers maintain a polite stand-off with the local Pentacle; they aren’t openly hostile to each other, but do compete for resources, and are occasionally confrontational with individual members. As long as the Pentacle doesn’t interfere with their careful cultivation of wealth concentration and gentrification, they’re happy to leave them alone.

Seers of the Throne

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