Silver Ladder

The Silver Ladder has only a minor presence in Milwaukee, as it runs off an Assembly system. The local thearcs are part of the large, regional Caucus based out of Chicago.
However, Milwaukee has become something of a spirited challenge for the Ladder – an opportunity to demonstrate the virtues of their Order to the Free Council, and a chance to reach the pinnacle of the Sage – being one who is not only wise and ambitious, but earns the will of te people, rather than being supported by an ancient hierarchy. As a result, each of the sparse thearcs in Milwaukee are expected to active, trustworthy, and influential representatives of the Order.

In the Assembly, thearcs seek to gain status as Strategos (subject matter experts who lead the debate, and may be given emergency powers in a narrow purview) and Syndics (statesmen who present and debate topics on behalf of others). They further try to develop voting blocs and organize consensus between the other Orders.


Charm – recruiter and idealist

Silver Ladder

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